Harmony Arts Healing Consultancy

Spiritual Development Training & Holistic Healing Services

ABN : 25383019491

Welcome to a journey of self-awareness and spiritual awakenings

Harmony Arts Healing Consultancy is a collaboration of healers and teachers whose aim is to provide services to help you achieve a balanced and healthy lifestyle and in dealing with conflicting demands of modern-day life in the areas of:

Holistic Healing

Meditation, Psychic and Channelled readings, holistic and alternative healing and traditional martial arts.


Self-development, New Age, Intuitive Development, Arts of Divination, ancient Eastern spiritual teachings, philosophy and arts.

 Psychic Readings & 
 Counselling Services 

Intuitive and channelled guidance from your spirit helpers, angels and Ascended Masters. 

Gain clarity and insight on specific issues, lessons, life situations and events  to help make informed choices and decisions and to take guided action towards your soul's highest potential.

Akashic Records Readings & Soul Realignment

Personal Counselling to help overcome your current challenges, blockages, traumatic or painful life-situations

Spiritual Counselling & Life Coaching

Holistic Healing Services

 Energy Healing to clear your auric fields, energy bodies, chakras to help bring your physical body and energies back into balance & alignment

 Sound & Vibrational Healing Therapy for

DNA recoding, recalibration, removal of psychic and emotional imprints and brainwave alignment

Channelled Healing for removal of energy emotional, psychological, spiritual blocks, opening up of your higher chakras/energy centres and establish connection with your guides and soul self.

Karuna Reiki & Psychic Surgery

Shamanic Healing

Forensic Healing 

Meditation, Healing & Self-Empowerment Workshops

Group & Personal Meditation Classes to gain inner-peace, clarity, balance, wellness and tap into your inner guidance

Meditation Therapy

Chair Yoga

Healing Workshops

- Magnified Healing  

- Sound & Vocal Healing Therapy

- Intuitive & Channelled Healing  

Self-Empowerment Workshops/Circles

- Intuitive Development & Connecting with your Soul/Higher Guidance

- Opening up to Channel & Mediumship 

- Knowing & Loving Thyself

- Attracting your Soul mate / Heal your Relationships 

- Finding Balance 

- The Shadow Process

My monthly meditation & healing/psychic development Meetup group